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Mission Statement

P3 Amplifiers was launched in the spring of 2010 by architect / guitarist Price Harrison and tube amp guru / guitarist Kye Kennedy. The primary goal of the company is to produce the finest sounding guitar amplifiers and speaker enclosures.

The P3 amplifier’s unique design incorporates the very best features of 60 years of tube circuit evolution. Our amplifiers use the finest components available. All of the electronics are hand wired and housed in a military grade aluminum enclosure. There are no printed circuit boards in a P3 amplifier. The electronics are infinitely repairable. Each amplifier is made to order so a great degree of customization is possible.

The housing of the P3 head is not a romantic replica of the vintage amplifiers of the 50’s and 60’s; rather, it is a modular aluminum chassis which can be repaired piece by piece if damaged.

Most companies would never produce an amplifier that will endure like a P3. We are excited about making products that will never be consigned to a landfill or be discarded.

“The greatest achievement in sustainable design is the creation of a usable product that never is thrown away, recycled, or becomes obsolete.”  Price Harrison

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