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Sonic Action Orange -- oblique view
Sonic Action Orange -- oblique view
Sonic Action Green
Stack Orange Black
Stack Wenge Black
Sonic Action White -- oblique view
Stack White
Sonic Action Orange -- front view
Sonic Action Wenge -- back view
Sonic Action Orange -- front view
Sonic Action Orange -- back view
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Sonic Action 20 Watt Head

The ultimate recording amplifier, stunning clean tones with sparkling highs and a rich low end. This amp can be overdriven to achieve remarkable sustain. The Sonic Action has no unnecessary switching relays or effects processing to destroy tone. A truly versatile head, this amp has plenty of power for live performances as well. Two 6V6 power tubes bring a sweet and clarified sound that cuts through the mix.

Recommended cabinet: 1X12 P3 Cabinet w/ Celestion Vintage 30.

Sonic Action Specifications:
Power Output: 20 Watts
Output Tubes: (2) 6V6
Preamp Tubes: (2) 12AX7
Controls: Gain, Master, Treble, Bass
Configurations: Head
Speaker Outputs: 8 ohm, 4 ohm

Aluminum case colors: white, black, orange, optic yellow, wenge veneer, solid walnut, custom colors available, black tolex case available.

Dimensions: 16.5” W X 8” D X 8.75” H
Weight: 21.4 lbs

List: $4750.00

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