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Special Op 50 Watt Head

The pinnacle of the P3 line, the Special Op is a hand wired two channel amp devoid of any superfluous circuitry. Channel one, a British style channel with gain, master, treble, middle and bass delivers the classic crunch and rock tones found in the most popular English amps, feeding a pair of EL34’s for sustain and power. Channel two uses one 12AX7 wired in the vintage American style to produce flawless clean jazz and blues tones.

The Special Op has been designed to work well with an A/B box to set up two tones (British crunch / clean Fender style) and switch between the two in a live situation.

This amp will run with EL34’s (recommended), or 6L6 power tubes.

Recommended cabinet: 1X12 P3 Cabinet w/ Celestion Vintage 30.

Special Op Specifications:
Power Output: 50 Watts
Output Tubes: (2) EL34
Preamp Tubes: (4) 12AX7
Controls: Gain, Master, Treble, Middle, Bass
Configurations: Head
Speaker Outputs: 16 ohm, 8 ohm, 4 ohm
Case options: black tolex, black, white, electric orange, optic yellow aluminum
Dimensions: 20” W X 8” D X 8.75” H
Weight: 29 lbs

List: $5200.00

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